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TreeScan Software for the Tree-Based Scan Statistic
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SaTScan - Software for the spatial, temporal, and space-time scan statistics
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TreeScan Bibliography

Methodological Papers

Kulldorff M, Fang Z, Walsh S. A tree-based scan statistic for database disease surveillance. Biometrics, 2003,59:323-331. [view]

Kulldorff M, Dashevsky I, Avery TR, Chan KA, Davis RL, Graham D, Platt R, Andrade SE, Boudreau D, Gunter MJ, Herrinton LJ, Pawloski P, Raebel MA, Roblin D, Brown JS. Drug safety data mining with a tree-based scan statistic. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, 2013, 22:517-523. [view]