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TreeScan Software for the Tree-Based Scan Statistic
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Statistics Software
SaTScan - Software for the spatial, temporal, and space-time scan statistics

Download TreeScan For Linux

Linux Requirements

  • kernal 2.6 or newer
  • libstdc++6
Minimum Hardware:
  • Intel or compatible processor
  • 200 MB hard drive space

Type in the password you received upon registration in order to download the installation file.

Need a download password?

The TreeScan installer is build with the Java packaging tool IzPack which has multiple installation modes.

Download Options

Binary RPM containing graphical application, bundled jre, command-line application, user guide and sample data sets.
Installation wizard that installs the graphical application, command-line application, user guide and sample data sets.
(Java 16 is a prerequisite for IzPack and SaTScan with this installer.)

Download TreeScan for: Windows, macOS

Users of TreeScan should in any reference to the software note that: “TreeScan™ is a trademark of Martin Kulldorff.”